What is Mavenli?

Mavenli is a mentorship platform connecting a community of mentors to mentees. Our mission is to make finding a mentor, building your career and growing a business as fun, efficient and interactive as possible. Mavenli is freely available for use on the App Store.


How do I set up an account?

Creating a Mavenli account is quick, easy and free. Simply download the app from the App Store and follow the instructions.


How do I activate my account?

If you haven’t received a confirmation email from us, please check your ‘Spam’ folder in your inbox. If you are still having trouble finding it, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


What information do I have to put in my profile?

All you need to set up your profile is your profile picture, a short bio and your experiences and education. To get the most out of Mavenli and get connected to the right people, we suggest adding your skills and interests as keywords directly in your profile. If you have specific questions you would like to find a mentor for or specific skills you would like to share, add these in your mentor and mentee profiles respectively.


How do I find a mentor?

Log in as a mentee, fill your profile with all relevant information then go to the mentor tab, and swipe through available mentors. Once a mentor accepts your request you will be able to book meetings with them directly through the app.


What’s the difference between a mentor and a mentee profile

As a mentor, you can pre-set your available times and preferred places and mentor others on topics you are skilled and experienced in to earn points. As a mentee, you can apply to mentors and pay them in points for advice and mentorship.  


How do I register as mentee or mentor?

Any user can be both a mentor and mentee, you can simply switch between the two from your profile page.


As a mentee, can I mentor other people? Can I see other mentees?

As a mentee, you can only see mentors and swipe through mentors. To mentor other people, simply switch your profile from mentee to mentor.


How does the mentor search occur?

The mentor is found based on your geographical location, skills, interests and topics you are interested in. The more information you provide us with in your profile, the more relevant the mentors we suggest to you will be.


Why do you need my location?  

We use your location to enable you to find mentors in your vicinity.


What do you use my skills for?

We use your added skills as additional search criteria to provide you with more relevant matches. The more relevant skills you add, the more mentors and mentees we will be able to match you with.  


How do I book a meeting with my mentor?

Once a mentor has added you to their list, you can simply go to that mentor’s profile, click on their calendar and choose an available time to request a meeting. Once a meeting request has been accepted by your mentor, you will receive an email notification with the date, place and time as well as the name of the mentor with whom you have booked the meeting. You can add the meeting to your calendar directly from the email.


How do I book meetings with my mentees?

Simply switch to your mentor profile, go to the events tab, and click the clock button in the top right-hand corner to add your available times. Mentees will then be able to request meetings during your available times directly from the app. Alternatively, you can always message your mentee with a proposed meeting time.


What are the events for?

For workshops, teach-ins and other forms of one-to-many mentorship. To create an event, simply switch to your mentor profile, go to events and click the ‘+’ button to create a public (visible to all) or private (visible to mentees you invite) event.


What are points and why do I need them?

Each user has a single wallet of points that they can spend to obtain free help and advice from their mentors as a mentee. You can earn back those points when you help others as a mentor. This way we ensure reciprocity within the community and incentivise and reward excellent mentorship.  


If I decline a mentor, will I ever be able to see and contact them again?

A mentor you have swiped left on will reappear in your search within a couple of days, so you never have to worry about saying no to the wrong person.


I requested a meeting with a mentor, how long until I get a reply?

Your mentor will receive a notification the moment you request a meeting. When they accept your request, you will receive an email notification, so you never have to worry about missing a meeting.


How do I add a video I like to my list of videos?

Simply click ‘like’ on the video you want to add to your list, and it will appear in your list of videos automatically.


As a mentor, do I need to wait for mentees to come to me or can I choose them myself?

To choose your mentees, simply go the mentee tab within your mentor profile and swipe through those available in your area.


How can I earn more points?  

To earn more points you can mentor others, upload and share new videos, create and lead events and invite new users.


How do I create an event for more than one person?

To create an event, simply switch to your mentor profile, go to events and click the ‘+’ button to create a public (visible to all) or private (visible to the mentees you invite) event.


How can I invite my friends to join the event?

Simply invite your friends to join the platform directly from your profile page and add them to your event invite list once they have registered.


Why is my video not uploading?

The speed of your upload depends on the speed of your internet connection. We use Vimeo for video uploads which can take up to 15 minutes to process. If your video does not appear within an hour, please reach out to us directly.  


What iPhone models can I download this on?

The Mavenli app is compatible with all iPhone models (5S version iOS 11.3.1 and newer)


How long will you store my chats and data for?

We do not delete any chats or other data unless you request us to.


Can I create multiple accounts for one user?

The creation of multiple accounts for a single person is strictly prohibited and if discovered will be banned and removed from our platform without any notice.


I can’t see any mentors

If you can’t see any available mentors or mentees, you may need to reset your filters or search in a wider geographical area. You could also invite your friends and colleagues to join Mavenli to expand the mentor community in your area.


I can’t find the mentor I’m looking for

We’re sorry to hear that! If you are looking for a particular person or set of skills, please contact us directly and we will do our best to find one for you.


I want to delete my account

Please contact us directly support@mavenli.com, and add a note explaining why you would like to delete your account so we can improve the experience for other users.